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Forensic Audio Enhancement and DeNoising

NOTE: Although EarMark Digital offers forensic audio capability and can help with enhancing audio for many situations. We no longer offer expert testimony as a course of business. We are happy to help with the processing of audio files for the purpose of "cleaning up" the recording for Intelligibility.

Our Conversion Process

Converting your audio recording from analog to digital is the most practical way to review it on a computer or media player. Digital recordings are easier to analyze, easier to index and search, and can be stored on a variety of storage media, including CDs and DVD-ROMs, USB thumb drives and computer hard drives. Digital files can also be edited to work seamlessly within most trial presentation software. 

Restoration and Enhancement

Our clients come to us to enhance poorly recorded conversations and other organic sounds, or to restore a damaged recording. We work from a variety of formats, and repair many types of physical damage commonly seen with old or mishandled audio recordings.  We've enhanced and restored recordings from body wires, phone taps and government meetings to court hearings and corporate conference calls.

Science and Expertise

Although much of our ability to work with audio recordings comes from our more than 50 years of combined professional audio experience (Both of our engineers have 25 plus years in pro audio), we also use a number of professional tools. We list those tools below, not only to show our clients what we use, but also to demonstrate the investment we've made in specialized forensic and pro audio equipment to achieve amazing results:

  • Adobe Audition Professional Audio Workstation
  • WaveLab Professional Audio Workstation
  • Pyramix Professional Audio Workstation
  • Apogee Analog to Digital Converters
  • Mytek Analog to Digital Converters
  • Olympus Microscope
  • Tenma Dual Trace Ocilliscope
  • Leader Stereo AC Millivolt Meter
  • Z-Sys Sample Rate Converter
  • Z-Sys Digital Router
  • PMC Professional Near Field Monitoring
  • Hafler Power
  • Bryston BP-25 Preamp

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Audio Services
Audio Services


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