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Consumers...Bring us your old and obsolete cassette tapes, home movies (8mm and Super 8 films), records records, transcription disks, 78s, reel-to-reels, videos, microcassettes and more (see many the formats we convert below) and we'll transfer them to the lastest digital audio or video format to play back in your CD, DVD, Mp3, computer or mobile device.

Professionals...The Transfer Lab at EarMark Digital will convert nearly any audio, video or data format to CD, DVD, Flash Drive, Mp3, M4a, or the format you need. If you have old Pro Grade videos such as Beta SP, Digital Betacam, U-MATIC, Betamax, S-VHS, DVCam, DVC Pro and need them digitized. We can transfer just one, or Archive your entire library and competative rates and turn-time. As an EarMark Digital representative for a quote.

Why EarMark Digital Beats The Competition...

Our conversion lab is headed by professional, experienced audio/video engineers, and is equipped with the latest transfer systems. We use meticulous handling techniques to make sure your audio, video and data content maintains 100% of it's original quality. And with our professional restoration expertise, our conversions can sometime sound and/or look better than the original recording. Our service includes: Real-time, high-quality analog-to-digital conversion, we include broad-band deNoising (to diminish common background noises such as tape hiss, hum, pops, clicks, crackles and other common noises found on old or damaged recordings) and we use only, premium quality blank media to ensure your new digital recording will last. Unlike many copycat services, who send there transfers out-of-state and even out of country, all of our work (except when noted) is done in-house at our Nashville service center to protect your media, and insure the privacy of your content.

Record companies and music professionals... need an old EIAJ Betamax or VHS digital (F1) master or 1630 CD Premaster converted? We've been converting professional format masters for 25 years.

Let us do it right for you. 1-888-777-7172.

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